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" ​Yes, I have flown through the hurricanes – adversities, pain, hurt, rejection, betrayal, and denial, lack, loss, and loneliness. Do I have scars from these epic challenges and obstacles? Yes, I have scars, and yes to being stronger, smarter, wiser, finding myself, finding my voice. Yes, to greater purpose, yes to inspire the woman reading this chapter and book, and yes, to trusting the journey to purpose". - Oluneye Oluwole"

The Butterfly Effect: An Anthology of Stories By inspirational Women Impacting The World ’
– Curated By Oluneye Oluwole, March 2023

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I am a Congressional Recognition Award Recipient by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (U.S. Representative for Texas's 18th Congressional District), for exceptional communication skills, as well as mentor to women entrepreneurs and global youth ambassador. It also gives me pleasure to share my experience as a storyteller, public speaker, author, biographer, motivational speaker, mentor, youth ambassador, an enabler of ideas and strategist. I look forward to collaborations, partnership and networking opportunities in making our world a better place.

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Storytelling transports us to the realm of imagination, where dreams and ideas that shape the world and humanity are born.

Storytelling is being AUTHENTIC with your identity and experiences, and the authenticity of ourselves, is critical in leadership, business and personal development.

As a storyteller, my gift of storytelling, passion for stories, public speaking, writing, communication, and entrepreneurship originate from my family's “heritage and world of storytelling”.

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